Stage 2 Dinners

  • Pediatric speech-language therapists recommend making animal noises, such as “Moo, Oink, Quack,” and other animal noises. Children love animal sounds and it will make your child smile. Besides bonding with your child during feeding time, your child will be fascinated with the Healthy Times characters and help your child produce some of their first words!
  • When you feed your baby, you are doing a lot more than providing necessary nourishment. You are helping him feel safe and secure in his new world.
  • When feeding your infant, make eye contact and speak to your infant in a calm, soothing voice.
  • Single Fruit and Vegetable varieties specially created for babies just beginning to start solid foods.>
  • My favorite recipes of delicious, main courses that provides your baby with the nutrients needed for healthy growth and development. Your baby will want to try all 8 dinners! Enjoy!